With Wonplanet, you have a new opportunity to travel confidently and comfortably! provides a superior means for travelers to find and rent privately-owned vacation properties globally. This is because Wonplanet allows property owners to create private networks of individuals giving them exclusive access to their property. This means that you can rent properties from people you already know, or from friends of friends as well, giving you the added confidence that your travel accommodations will suit your needs, and meet your expectations for a comfortable, quality experience. And you can always view properties available to all site visitors in addition to those to which you have exclusive access.


Control who can see and rent your vacation property. If you’re a property owner, YOU decide how much exposure you’d like for your vacation rental. You can list your property on Wonplant for free when choosing to only give visibility to your family and friends within a private network. Or, if you would like to make your property available to everyone visiting the Wonplanet site, you can list your property for a flat yearly subscription rate. Whether your property is visible only to the individuals you choose, or to all site visitors, interested travelers can interact with you directly to rent your property for their next travel adventure.


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