Two property listing plans to choose from!

Who can see my listing?
Network Only Plan* (FREE) Everybody Plan ($49/year)
My Friends + Their Friends Anybody Visiting Wonplanet

*Must build your Wonplanet network before your friends can see your listing

Network Only Plan – Choose this plan for maximum control. Only your friends + their friends can see your listing. You do not have to worry about being contacted by people outside your circle of friends. It’s FREE!

Everybody Plan (recommended) – Choose this plan for maximum exposure. Anybody can see your listing plus people in your Wonplanet network can see that they are connected to you. Just $49/year!

Steps to success!!

1. Register for FREE
2. Draft your listing at your leisure
3. Choose your plan
4. Publish your listing when you're ready
5. Optionally, build your network so your friends can see your listing! (recommended)